Rhonda Leigh

First we must tell you that Rhonda Leigh isn’t completely convinced that someone can’t just reach through the computer screen and do unmentionables to her!

And seeing as how she handles our A/R, A/P, and other stuff, she figures the less anyone knows about her the better.

That being said, she tells us that she went to school somewhere in Northern California. She claims to have graduated.

She’s not saying whether or not she’s married, but if she were, her husband would be tall, dark, handsome, intelligent, warm, and would simply adore her!

She’s not saying she has any kids, but if she did, they would be happy, well-behaved, extremely bright, polite, and otherwise perfect!

She is saying that she’s over 21, in great physical shape (fitness & form), has several different passions none of which involve a computer, and is enjoying a very happy and productive life!