Scott Bradley

For nearly four decades, Scott Bradley has passionately practiced the art of presentation and customer service. Drawn early to the family restaurant business, he has been performing in front of clients since the age of 12.  Scott learned to either be engaging, or be quickly forgotten.

After graduating with a degree in journalism and business, Scott’s fascination with everything car related brought him to automobile sales. He used his wealth of customer service and presentation skills to grow a successful and nationally recognized sales career.

Scott’s passion for the sales process translated to six-figure incomes, 13 of his 15 years in automobile sales, working primarily with past clients and referrals.

Since leaving automobile sales, Scott has achieved road warrior status, traveling 22 states on BMW facilitation and marketing tours. Presenting before groups up to 40, he infuses the curriculum with personal anecdotes and real life sales experiences. Scott’s events are both relevant and engaging, enhancing the learning process for participants.

When not involved in training and facilitating, you will find Scott creating something in the kitchen, or looking for undiscovered back roads on his motorcycle.
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