Frederique Lavios

Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area Frederique Lavios, founder of PDX Website Design, is passionate about helping others grow their business and be profitable. 

“When my parents came to this country  from France, 60+ years ago they had a good education but very little money.  They taught themselves a trade (father: commercial and portrait photography, mother: French school teacher), business finance and marketing.  Marketing was way out of dad’s comfort zone but his ‘can-do’ attitude and need to support himself and his family helped motivate him.  His upbringing and military career taught him the value of hard work and the importance of integrity.  By the time they retired they had helped put the five of us kids through college and developed a hefty retirement portfolio.  Quite the role models!”

Prior to moving to Oregon in 2001 Lavios had a successful career as a licensed architect in the San Francisco Bay Area.  She practiced architecture for over 20 years, and founded the firm Lavios & Associates, Architecture and Planning.  Interestingly, both architecture and web design use both sides of the brain; technical and aesthetic.  Frederique’s experience with business development, marketing, design, engineering and computers lends itself well to web design and marketing.

Frederique lives in a suburb of Portland, Oregon with her husband and two children.